"I am sorry my mother because the boat sank and I could not reach my destination… ”

02 June 2017

"I am sorry my mother because the boat sank and I could not reach my destination… ”

These words appeared online and are alleged to have come from a letter found on the body of a drowned Syrian refugee. We don't know who wrote the letter, but we do know that thousands have drowned in the Mediterranean and Aegean seas searching for safety

The world has tragically failed the millions of people fleeing war, persecution and despair, including those left helpless as they escape conflict at home for the relative safety of the ocean and the hope of finding asylum on safer shores. As calculating politics win out over moral and legal obligations to offer protection and assistance to those in need, desperate people are rejected and countless lives are lost.  Like a contagious disease, walls, fences and restrictive border measures rampantly spread causing countless thousands of people to die on land or at sea.

In “Sorry I Drowned”, a 7-minute animated film, Beirut-based Studio Kawakeb and Doctors Without Borders (MSF) bring the letter to life, illustrating the migrant-rejection crisis from the perspective of those who flee.

Last year, more than 20,000 people were rescued in the Med Sea by MSF’s search and rescue ships. But 2016 was still the deadliest year on record in the Mediterranean. There must be safe, legal alternatives for those desperately escaping poverty, war and instability; and people seeking refuge must be welcomed in a dignified and humane manner.

How far would you go for a safe, dignified life for you and your family? What reception would you expect?

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