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Medical Students

Being a medical student is demanding but it opens huge opportunities. The skills, experience and determination you develop at medical school could help people around the world affected by natural disasters, war or epidemics. And you can start to have an impact before you finish studying – your efforts can help MSF deliver life-saving care in over 60 countries while you are still in university.

Why not get involved with the Friends of MSF?

Friends of MSF (FoMSF) are student societies based in universities around South Africa. We are the official student support organisation for MSF, and are run on a voluntary basis.

Individual groups engage in various activities, like inviting returned volunteers to speak, film screenings, and other fundraising and careers-focused events. 

Friends of MSF - University of KwaZulu Natal
Friends of MSF - University of KwaZulu Natal

All FoMSF societies share three main objectives:

1) To raise awareness of MSF’s work and humanitarian issues
2) To encourage students to consider working for organisations such as MSF
3) To raise funds for FoMSF
Currently, there are FoMSF societies at WITS, TUKS, UCT, Stellenbosch University and UKZN.

How can I work for MSF after my studies?

As a medical student perhaps you may have thought of spending some of your career working in the humanitarian field. MSF is always recruiting experienced doctors for aid work overseas.
You will need to have at least completed your community service training, and be ATLS qualified. Aid work is not for everyone. It can be stressful, demanding and complex. You won’t get rich and you’ll be away from your friends and family. But for those that choose it, the rewards vastly outweigh the inconveniences.