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How your funds are used

More than 80% of donations received are used in our medical programmes and social mission.

Thanks to your generosity, Doctors Without Borders (MSF) Southern Africa supplies free medical care in ongoing crises situations throughout the world. With your continuous support, we can react to emergencies as soon as they occur and give high quality care to those who need it most.

In contributing to our vital work your donations may be used to:

  • rehabilitate hospitals and clinics
  • assist victims of violence, war or armed conflict
  • provide clean drinking water
  • battle epidemics and carry out vaccination campaigns
  • perform emergency surgery
  • run feeding centres for malnourished children
  • assist victims of sexual violence
  • respond to natural disasters
  • treat patients with infectious diseases such as tuberculosis, sleeping sickness and HIV/AIDS
  • provide medical and psychological care to marginalised groups such as street kids and refugees 
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