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SABC News | ‘Not easy being LGTBQI+ community or a sex worker in Mozambique’

SABC News: Despite same-sex relationships becoming legal under the Criminal Code in Mozambique in 2015, being a member of the LGTBQI+  community or a sex worker in the southeastern African country requires courage. More especially if you are going to need to access healthcare services – a lesson Atanasio Faz-Beh, a transgender activist, had to learn the hard way.

The lanky transgender activist, whose face beams with pride when he talks about his work, is the coordinator of the micro-planning programme at Takaezana, a local support group that, with the support of Doctors Without Borders (MSF), seeks to raise awareness around issues faced by this community.

Since 2014, the humanitarian body, MSF, has been in Beira with a special focus on what they term “Key Population” which include, among others, people with advanced HIV, transgender people, sex workers as well as homosexual people.

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