Four-yearl-old Hamza is receiving wound care treatment in the MSF medical point in Karantina, Beirut.
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MSF, Doctors Without Borders, Mozambique, MSF teams provide healthcare as displaced people return to Mocímboa da Praia
Armed conflict

MSF provides healthcare in Mocímboa da Praia as thousands of displaced people return

Latest News 20 Dec 2022
MSF, Doctors without borders, Teen Mums doing an exercise

Teen Mum's Club giving hope to adolescent pregnant girls

Latest News 9 Dec 2022
MSF, Doctors without borders, Dr Aref checking on  1 and a half year old

The influx of patients with acute watery diarrhoea reveals another side of children's suffering in Hodeidah

Latest News 5 Dec 2022
MSF, Doctors without borders, Mobile Clinics in Shiselweni region

The “Pocket Clinic”: modelling how MSF simplifies HIV self-testing

Latest News 1 Dec 2022
MSF, Doctors Without Borders, HIV, AIDS, Democratic Republic of Congo

HIV/AIDS in the DRC: Behind the progress, huge challenges remain

Latest News 28 Nov 2022
MSF, Doctors Without borders, Managing boreholes in KZN after flash floods
South Africa

Managing water crisis through smarter boreholes in KwaZulu-Natal

Latest News 10 Nov 2022