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Armed conflict

Keeping projects running in Afghanistan

In August 2021, as foreign forces withdrew from Afghanistan and power shifted, many aid organisations halted operations and evacuated staff. MSF teams remained present to meet the medical needs of people in the country.

The violence in Afghanistan has surged since May with fighting around and inside provincial capitals between the Afghan forces and the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA, also known as the Taliban). This is impeding access to medical care, increasing the number of people killed and wounded by bullets and explosions, and causing widespread displacement.

Project Coordinator Karsten Noko explains how our teams remain neutral and impartial in conflict zones, like Afghanistan, in an interview with 702. 



Karsten Noko and Talk radio 702

“What we consider as a humanitarian organisation is that our assistance has to be impartial. And in trying to do that, we try to be guided by humanitarian principles in the pursuit of impartiality. And one of these is, firstly, neutrality.” Project Coordinator, Karsten Noko on keeping projects running in Afghanistan
Mcebisi Sidlai/MSF