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MSF is shocked and saddened with the killing of another staff in Cabo Delgado

Mozambique, Pemba: On January the 5th, four people, including a health promoter of Doctors Without Borders (MSF), were killed during an attack in the village of Chibanga, district of Mocimboa da Praia, in the province of Cabo Delgado. Our colleague was less than 30 years old and leaves behind his family.

"We are grieving, and we are very sad with the loss of our colleague at such young age during this attack. He was an active member of the community who was committed in helping saving dozens of lives through the dissemination of health promotion messages, identification of patients, and referral to specialized care, including pregnant women and children. We are providing all the support we can to the family and our team," said Marta Cazorla, Emergency Coordinator in Cabo Delgado.

In 2023, an MSF staff was also killed during an attack while travelling on public transport in Macomia. Although there has been a growing narrative of stabilization in Cabo Delgado, the security situation remains volatile, with civilians being killed and displaced on a regular basis.

Despite the sadness of the loss of our colleague, MSF will continue delivering humanitarian and medical assistance to families in Mocimboa da Praia who have been affected by the conflict. MSF is delivering humanitarian and medical assistance in Cabo Delgado since 2019 and is currently present in the districts of Macomia, Mocimboa da Praia, Mueda, Muidumbe, Nangade, and Palma.