Activity Report

A dramatic deterioration for asylum seekers on Lesbos

Our medical teams treating asylum seekers in Lesvos are ringing alarm bells about the dramatic deterioration of the care and protection afforded to vulnerable people fleeing from high levels of violence and wars like Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan, furthermore the threat to send them back to Turkey leads to an explosive situation.

The withdrawal of ECHO funding and the handover of service provision for asylum seekers on the islands to the government – there is great concern over the lack of clear plan from the authorities and the current reduction in services on Lesbos – from drastic reduction in healthcare provision, to the closure of shelters and major cuts in legal aid provision.

Our medical data shows that far from being over-identified, vulnerable people are falling through the cracks and are not been adequately identified and cared for.

Msf Lesbos Vulnerability Report pdf — 1.18 MB

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