Sobita, MSF lab technician at the Churachandpur clinic, looks at TB samples under the microscope.
South Africa

The Promotion of Access to Information Act (PAIA) Manual

South Africa’s system of government, before 27 April 1994, resulted in a secretive and unresponsive culture within public and private bodies, which often led to an abuse of power and human rights violations.

PAIA, together with all relevant legislation, provides you with the right of access to information held by public and private bodies when you request such information in accordance with the provisions of PAIA, for the exercise or protection of any of your or another person’s rights.

If you make such a request, a public or private body must release the information unless PAIA or any other relevant law states that the records containing such information may not be released.

For purposes of this Manual, we refer to ourselves as “MSF-SA”, “we”,” us” or “our”.

We have compiled this Manual to inform you of, and guide you through, the procedural and other requirements with which a PAIA request must comply.

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South Africa
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