23 January 2017

Internally Displaced Person's camp, Rann, Nigeria
On Tuesday 17 January, at least 120 people were wounded and 90 killed following a bombing by the Nigerian Army in an internally displaced persons camp in Rann, Nigeria. Photo: MSF

Baba, 37, is one of the dozens people wounded during last Tuesday’s airstrikes in Rann, Northern Nigeria. He is now being treated in Maiduguri. He lived in Rann since he had to flee from his home village of Kala, 10 months ago.

“When the first bombing happened, I was far from it. But it happened close to the military barracks and I thought that if a bomb could drop so close to the barracks, we were in real danger. So I started running as fast as I could. I met a woman crying and screaming that her daughter was at the water tap, close to the barracks. She thought the girl had been hit but I told her I saw her daughter running.

I was running when the second explosion happened. I was hit by fragments of the explosion but I didn’t realise this until I got under a tree. I started feeling pain and when I looked I saw that there was a hole in my leg and my foot, and that I was bleeding.

We used to see jets fly over Rann in the past. They just flew past us and never stopped. But on Tuesday, it was different – the plane flew back and forth and we knew something was wrong before the bombing happened”.

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