Refugees wait to be vaccinated at the MSF clinic in the Cacanda camp


MSF left Angola at the end of 2018 but continues to monitor the situation, ready to respond in case of new emergencies.
MSF emergency team responding to first ever dengue fever outbreak in Cape Verde

Cape Verde

MSF worked in Cape Verde following a dengue fever outbreak in 2009.
Active screening for malnutrition in the districts of PK12, PK20, Doraley and Hayable in the city of Djibouti.


MSF began work in Djibouti in 2008 and closed our projects in 2012. We currently maintain an operational support base for our Yemen projects in Djibouti city.
Mothers listen to Alpha Atafazali Bahunga telling them that they require three rounds of vaccination during a session in a church-cum-school in the village of Kalungu II in Masisi territory in the east of the Democratic Republic of the Congo on August 14, 2014.

Republic of Congo

MSF first worked in Congo in 1997 and closed its projects in 2013.
Village in Mono Province


MSF first worked in Benin in 1997 and closed its projects in 2005.
Vaccination campaign under a tree in a refugee camp in the mountains.


MSF opened its first mission in Eritrea in April 2000, in response to the growing risk of hunger and renewed conflict between Eritrea and its southern neighbor and former ally, Ethiopia.