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Violence devastating population and threatening vital hospital

Press Release 24 Aug 2023
MSF, Doctors without Borders, Sudan, Conflict

Lack of essential visas for MSF staff threatens life-saving care in hospital

Press Release 10 Aug 2023
MSF, Doctors Without Borders, Ukraine war
War in Ukraine

Hospital in Kherson shelled twice in 72 hours

Press Release 7 Aug 2023
Neglected Tropical Diseases

Surgical treatment for patients with neglected diseases in Mogovolas district

Press Release 24 Jul 2023
MSF, Doctors Without Borders, TB, cystic fibrosis
Access To Medicines

South Africa's patent system encourages profits over lives

Press Release 18 Jul 2023
MSF, Doctors Without Borders, TB

TB medicine deal offers short-term solution, but J&J needs to do more for all affected countries

Press Release 14 Jul 2023