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MSF Heads of Communications commit to tackle problematic imagery

Press Release 24 Jun 2022
MSF Medicalised train in Ukraine, war-wounded patients
War in Ukraine

Data and patient accounts reveal consistent indiscriminate attacks on civilians in Ukraine

Press Release 22 Jun 2022
MSF, Doctors Without Borders, International Migrants Day

Launching a new mental health intervention at Tongogara Refugee Camp

Press Release 20 Jun 2022
Nurse checking a patient’s oxygen level inside the ward for patients with suspected COVID-19.
Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic

Disappointing outcome after nearly two years of discussions at the WTO

Press Release 17 Jun 2022
MSF, Doctors Without Borders, Nutritional crisis in Ethiopia's Afar region

Alarming Indications of Large-Scale Nutritional Crisis in Ethiopia’s Afar Region

Press Release 10 Jun 2022
These activities are conducted with Johnson & Johnson's one-dose vaccine. Vaccination is voluntary.
Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic

German government must push BioNTech to urgently transfer mRNA vaccine technology

Press Release 1 Jun 2022