Doctors Without Borders emergency response team carrying out measles vaccinations for children in Beboto in Chad.
Since 2015, thousands of people in the Lake Chad region have been forced to flee their homes as a result of violent clashes between armed groups and Chadian military forces.

Our teams provide medical care and assistance to displaced people and local communities, who often struggle with a lack of food, in the east and the south of the country.

We work to prevent or help mitigate the seasonal peaks of malnutrition and malaria among children, including across the Sahel region in Adre, on the border with Sudan, which is an area marked by violence and displacement.

We also improve healthcare for women and children and work on preventing and responding to measles outbreaks.

An emergency response unit (CERU) in southern Chad is capable of delivering medical care in under 72 hours. The CERU responds to emergencies, including measles outbreaks, influxes of refugees fleeing the Central African Republic, and intercommunal clashes.

Our activities in Chad in 2021

Data and information from the International Activity Report 2021.

MSF IN CHAD IN 2021 Chad is embroiled in a chronic health crisis, with repeated epidemics and nutrition crises, and some of the highest rates of infant, child and maternal deaths in the world.
MSF, Doctors without borders, Map of Chad

Doctors Without Borders (MSF) works to assist the most vulnerable groups, including women, children and the huge numbers of refugees from conflicts in neighbouring countries.

In 2021, our teams responded to measles outbreaks in Mandoul, Ouaddaï, Moyen-Chari and Dar Sila regions. We subsequently transformed our intervention in Ouaddaï into a longer-term paediatric project, based in Adré, to address the lack of healthcare in the area and assist the increasing numbers of refugees from the conflict in Sudan’s West Darfur region.

Our emergency intervention providing care for severely malnourished children during the lean season in N’Djamena has also evolved into a programme to better meet the needs of families and children throughout the year. In September, we started a nutrition response in Massakory, Hadjer Lamis region, after receiving an alert about the high number of severely malnourished children in an area that was getting little support.

We also launched a community-based health programme in Dar Sila in the second half of the year. In Moissala, Mandoul region, we continued to work with the Ministry of Health to improve access to maternal and paediatric healthcare, and ran a seasonal malaria chemoprevention campaign to reduce the incidence of severe malaria during the rainy season.

Between August and December, we assisted thousands of people who had sought shelter in Chad following inter-communal clashes between Mousgoum fishermen and Arab herders in northern Cameroon. As well as medical consultations and hospital referrals, we provided water and essential provisions, such as blankets, to people living in dire conditions in informal sites around N’Djamena and Mandelia.

Our emergency team also responded to outbreaks of hepatitis E, storms in Tandjile, community violence in Am Timan and an influx of Central African refugees in Goré.

I looked after her for seven days at home but after that knew I had to get her to a clinic. ZARA ABBA VISITED MSF INTENSIVE CARE UNIT IN BOKORO WITH HER GRANDDAUGHTER.

Chad: “I would travel all the way to France for my children’s health.”

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