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The People Facing the Pandemic

Voices from the frontline tell us what they’re seeing and what is needed to save lives
MSF, Doctors Without Borders, COVID-19, drug, recommended by WHO inaccessible
COVID-19 (coronavirus disease)

One year on of “TRIPS Waiver” proposal, governments continue to block the waiver

Press Release - 1 Oct 2021
Doctors Without Borders(MSF) team members set up one of the private medical consultation kiosks at a mobile testing and health clinic in Immokalee, Florida, designed to address some of the unmet health needs of the large community of migrant farmworkers in the area during the COVID-19 outbreak.
COVID-19 (coronavirus disease)

Global COVID-19 response has failed much of the world

Latest News - 21 Sep 2021
Swabs used for COVID-19 tests are packed into a cold chain box during a mass screening and testing event carried out with assistance from MSF contact tracers in Johannesburg, South Africa.
COVID-19 (coronavirus disease)

World Health Organisation-New treatment to be accessible to everyone who needs it

Latest News - 21 Sep 2021
MSF healthworker wearing personal protective equipment
Annual Report

International Activity Report 2020

Doctors Without Borders International Activity Report 2020 Report - 7 Sep 2021