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Meet the MSF Southern Africa team

Meet the SAMU Team

Tom Ellman Team Image
Tom Ellman
Claire Bossard
Claire Bossard

Claire works for Epicentre, she conducts operational researchs in the Sub Saharian African region. She is hosted by SAMU in Cape Town with whom she collaborate as part of the studies implementation.

Dimitri Donchuk Team Image
Dimitri Donchuk
Esther Casas Team Image
Esther Casas
Ian Proudfoot
Ian Proudfoot
Kleio Lakovidi Team Image
Kleio Lakovidi
Lucy O-Connell Team Image
Lucy O-Connell

Supports MSF projects on improvement of access to HIV/TB and SRH care for Key Populations (Sex workers, Men who have sex with men, People who use drugs, prisoners and their communities). Gives interdisciplinary support in the following areas: health promotion/PCS, peer-led pro-gramming and delivery models, comprehensive SRH prevention and care, and TB and HIV.Provides training and capacity building of clinical and non clinical MSF staff involved in these programs with KP sensitization, and capacity building of KP peers, beneficiaries and partners surrounding KPs health needs. Engages with KP led organisations  and other stakeholders for collaborations and partnerships internal and external to MSF to ensure communication and advocacy.

Mariana Garcia Team Image
Mariana Garcia
Rosie Burton Team Image
Rosie Burton

Clinical support and training in advanced HIV in inpatient settings in West/East/Central Africa.

Petros Isaakidis
Petros Isaakidis

Petros is supporting Operational Research activities in the SAMU-supported HIV and TB projects, from the conceptualization of research ideas to implementation (often as part of the M&E framework) and dissemination of research findings  that may inform policy and practice. He is also liaison with the other OR entities in MSF and elsewhere and supports capacity building in OR.

Robyn Modsell Team Image
Robyn Modsell

Robyn is responsible for all the non-medical management of SAMU. She is also on the MT and coordinates the SAMU HIV/TB Thematic Pool

Sarah Jane Steele Team Image
Sarah Jane Steele

Sarah Jane is supporting Monitoring and Evaluation activities in SAMU-supported HIV and TB projects.  Support follows the continuum of monitoring and evaluation from identifying indicators which reflect operational objectives through implementation to routine reporting, and evaluation.

Talia Sampson
Terrence Kamvumbi Team Image
Terrence Kamvumbi
Zibusiso Ndlovu Team Image
Zibusiso Ndlovu

Providing technical laboratory support to MSF projects in sub-Saharan Africa, Asia and Middle East.

Antonio Flores Team Image
Antonio Flores

Antonio provides operational, strategic and technical support for the implementation of HIV and TB programmes. He also collaborates with the learning unit on training initiatives for healthcare workers.

Cindy Cordingley-Wiid Team Image
Cindy Cordingley-Wiid